About Clean Line Energy

Stepping Up to the Challenge

The United States possesses some of the best renewable energy resources in the world.  Bolstered by these resources, the advancement of renewable energy technologies and the need for cleaner energy, the U.S. is moving towards a clean energy economy.  However, continued growth of renewable energy in the U.S. faces a serious challenge: the lack of transmission.

The existing transmission system was created primarily as a result of local utility planning to connect population centers with nearby fossil fuel power plants; it is now insufficient to meet the demands of our new energy economy.  We need long-haul transmission lines to move America’s vast renewable energy resources to market.

Clean Line Energy is developing a series of transmission lines that will deliver thousands of megawatts of low-cost renewable power from the windiest areas of the United States to communities and cities that have a strong demand for clean, reliable energy but lack access to clean energy resources. 

These projects will help make possible:

  • Thousands of new construction and operations jobs
  • Billions of dollars of investments in new renewable energy projects
  • Rural economic development
  • Incentives to manufacture wind turbines and components
  • Property tax revenue for local communities and schools
  • Landowner payments
  • The reduction of carbon pollution by millions of tons

Clean Line will sell transmission capacity to renewable energy generators and to the buyers of the power from these wind energy projects.  Clean Lines’ independence from existing or planned generation and from load-serving utilities permits  single-minded focus on meeting the needs of the projects’ many stakeholders through a transparent development effort.

Successful project development requires substantial and widespread participation from a diverse group of entities and stakeholders.  Clean Line strives to establish and maintain close relationships with landowners, communities, local and state officials, customers and suppliers and deeply values stakeholder input and involvement.