Our Strategic Alliances


Clean Line designated ABB as the preferred supplier to manufacture alternating current transformers for the Grain Belt Express transmission collector system, where new wind farms will connect to the project in Kansas. ABB plans to manufacture the transformers at its St. Louis, Missouri facility. The agreement will represent 20 jobs at the facility.

General Cable

Clean Line Energy has agreements with General Cable for its Plains & Eastern Clean Line and Grain Belt Express Clean Line projects. Clean Line agreed to purchase cable manufactured at General Cable’s Malvern, Arkansas, facility for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line. The supply order could be worth $100 million or more depending on commodity prices. General Cable will also manufacture the steel core for the Grain Belt Express Clean Line transmission conductor and manage ongoing inventory and logistics at its Sedalia, Missouri facility. General Cable supports Clean Line’s goal of developing a local supply chain and will purchase aluminum rod, made in Missouri by partnering with Noranda Aluminum. This partnership will support an expansion of Noranda’s redraw rod production capacity at its aluminum smelter near New Madrid, Missouri.

General Cable

Clean Line Energy and has selected GE Energy Connections as the exclusive provider of the HVDC converter stations for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line, paving the way for GE’s first HVDC project in the U.S. since acquiring Alstom’s energy businesses in 2015. The Plains & Eastern Clean Line will benefit from the experience and leadership that GE brings to bear in modernizing the U.S. electric grid. GE has been at the forefront of many of the world’s largest infrastructure projects and will ensure that leading technology will be used to provide affordable, clean energy to the Mid-South and Southeast United States.

Hubbell Power Systems

Clean Line has designated Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) as the preferred supplier of insulators and hardware for the Grain Belt Express transmission line. HPS will manufacture the hardware and the core of the polymer insulators at its Centralia, Missouri facility and establish a supplier base within the project area to source raw material from local businesses, including companies in Illinois and Indiana.  To support Grain Belt Express, HPS will invest over $9 million in its Centralia, Missouri plant, where the company employs approximately 600 people. The Grain Belt Express partnership will create an estimated 52 jobs at the Centralia facility for two to three years.


Clean Line selected Kiewit as its EPC Alliance Partner for the Rock Island Clean Line, and the two parties have entered into a development agreement. Under the agreement, Kiewit will provide development support and construction management services for the project.  Kiewit has extensive experience in using local content and local labor for construction projects, which was a key criterion in Clean Line’s selection process. In late 2011, Clean Line and Kiewit co-hosted several local business open houses in Illinois to introduce local companies to the Rock Island Clean Line and to explore opportunities to utilize them for the construction of the project.

Pelco Structural

Clean Line has an agreement with PAR Electric, a leading construction company owned by Quanta Services, that positions PAR to manage the construction jobs for the Grain Belt Express Clean Line.  PAR will work to ensure that these construction jobs will be filled by local workers in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.  PAR is one of the largest and most respected EPC contractor companies in North America. More than 3,000 PAR employees deliver the technical skill and physical capacity to respond safely, quickly and cost effectively to any project.  Based in Kansas City, Missouri, PAR has permanent offices in Illinois and other states across the nation as well as temporary offices near its work sites.

Pelco Structural

Clean Line has an agreement in place with Pelco Structural LLC (Pelco) by which Pelco will be a preferred supplier for the tubular steel transmission structures that will be used for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line transmission line project. Under the agreement, Pelco will supply structures from its facility with approximately 100 employees in Claremore, Oklahoma. Pelco will make engineering resources available to aid in design of structures and support ongoing development and construction efforts for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line. Clean Line's potential future supply order from Pelco could be worth $300 million or more depending on commodity prices and the amount of structures purchased.

Sabre Industries

Clean Line designated Iowa-based manufacturer, Sabre Tubular Structures, a Division of Sabre Industries, Inc. (Sabre) as a preferred supplier of transmission structures for the Rock Island Clean Line transmission project. The transmission structures will be produced in Sabre's Iowa facilities. Sabre will establish a supplier base within the project area, primarily Iowa and Illinois, to supply as much raw material as possible from local companies.  Sabre’s Iowa facilities employ approximately 450 people in a variety of positions including fabricating, welding, shipping and administration. The Rock Island Clean Line and Sabre Industries will create opportunities for manufacturing jobs and help Iowa maintain its leadership in the wind energy industry.


Clean Line Energy has an agreement with Sediver (a business unit of Seves Group) to source glass insulators for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line project from a new manufacturing facility and testing laboratory that Sediver will build and operate in West Memphis, Arkansas. Sediver is a world leader in overhead transmission and distribution line insulator technology and has been serving leading utility customers throughout the world for the last 70 years. Clean Line selected Sediver not only because their toughened glass insulator technology ensures the best reliability for direct current technology transmission projects, but also because Sediver committed to manufacturing the insulators at their new state of the art facility scheduled to open in West Memphis, Arkansas in 2016. Rene Tabouret, CEO of Sediver, said of the agreement, “We are excited to be back in the United States and to be able to contribute to cutting-edge renewable energy infrastructure projects like the Plains & Eastern Clean Line.” The Sediver facility will employ more than 70 Arkansans when it opens, and the agreement furthers Clean Line’s commitment to partnering with local companies.


Clean Line Energy has an exclusive agreement with Siemens to provide direct current technology solutions for the Rock Island Clean Line transmission project. In addition to providing detailed technical expertise to the development team, Siemens and Clean Line will work together to develop, design, and implement the HVDC converter stations, where the direct current will be converted to alternating current and vice-versa. Siemens, already a key participant in the Iowa wind industry with a manufacturing facility in Fort Madison, is a natural fit to provide technical services for this major infrastructure project.


Clean Line Energy has an agreement that designates Southwire as the preferred supplier for the overhead transmission cable for the Rock Island Clean Line. The agreement anticipates that the cable will be produced from Southwire’s facility in Flora, Illinois, and results from the strong support of the State of Illinois for renewable energy development. Clean Line’s potential future supply order from Southwire could be worth $70 million or more depending on commodity prices and other variables. Southwire’s Flora, Illinois plant has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of transmission cable. The plant currently has more than 100 employees in Illinois. In order to align with Clean Line’s construction schedule, the Flora, Illinois, facility expects to produce cable over a 12 to 14 month period of time. Construction of the Rock Island Clean Line could begin as early as 2014 and may continue over the next few years.

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Clean Line strives to create alliances that will benefit the communities impacted by our projects. We are working with local companies that will manufacture the transmission structures and source raw materials from within the states that our projects traverse.