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Clean Line Energy Signs Agreement with ABB to Manufacture Transformers in Missouri

Posted on 07/10/2013 by Louisa Kinoshi

Clean Line Energy has designated ABB as the preferred supplier to manufacture alternating current (AC) transformers for the Grain Belt Express Clean Line’s transmission collector system. ABB plans to manufacture the transformers at its St. Louis, Missouri facility. We are committed to sourcing materials and services for the Grain Belt Express Clean Line from companies in the project area, and our alliance with ABB in St. Louis is a prime example of the local economic opportunities the project will create in Missouri.

The signing of the agreement follows a series of Local Business Opportunity Meetings that Clean Line hosted in Missouri in June. At the Local Business Opportunity Meetings, Clean Line discussed the Grain Belt Express Clean Line project with representatives from local and regional businesses that could participate in the development, construction, and maintenance of the project. 88 local business representatives attended, including those involved in surveying, equipment rental, and concrete.

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