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Big Ideas and Earth Day

Posted on 04/22/2013 by Sarah Bray

Earth Day began as a simple idea from a student named Dennis Hayes. With the support of Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin and Congressman Pete McCloskey of California, Dennis Hayes' simple idea transformed in to a huge movement. Together, they organized the first Earth Day in 1970 where approximately 20 million Americans rallied together to bring attention to air and water pollution and to build support for a healthy, sustainable environment. Today, hundreds of millions of people in over 7,000 cities and 150 countries will participate in Earth Day to show their support for a cleaner environment. A simple idea turned into a global movement.

Like we have seen with Earth Day, change requires a recipe of big ideas, support from political leaders and community buy-in. Clean Line's big idea is to advance renewable energy by addressing the need for transmission lines to move wind power. Our series of direct current transmission lines will deliver thousands of megawatts of renewable power from the windiest areas of the United States to communities and cities that have a strong demand for clean, low-cost energy but lack access to the wind energy resource. We are pleased to work closely with communities, elected officials, environmental agencies and conservation groups to enable billions of dollars of investments in new renewable energy projects, which will reduce carbon pollution by millions of tons. To learn more about our projects and how we hope to leave our planet a cleaner place for future generations, please visit https://www.cleanlineenergy.com/projects.