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Clean Line Issues RFI to Wind Generators in the Oklahoma Panhandle Region

Posted on 06/20/2013 by Louis Pitre

We are pleased to announce that on June 20, Plains & Eastern Clean Line issued a Request for Information (RFI) to wind generators in the Oklahoma Panhandle region. The RFI will gather information about generators’ demand for the Plains & Eastern’s transmission capacity and collect data that will allow us to characterize the wind resource and production potential of the Oklahoma Panhandle region.

Our overhead, direct current transmission line will connect generators in the Oklahoma Panhandle region, which boasts some of America’s richest wind resources, and efficiently deliver 3,500 MW of wind power to customers in the Mid-South and Southeast. The Plains & Eastern Clean Line will help load-serving entities in the Mid-South and Southeast meet demand for affordable renewable energy. Adding wind energy to a utility’s generation portfolio can serve to reduce electricity prices, provide insurance against future price increases, and facilitate a more competitive energy market.

This RFI will benefit potential wind generators in the Oklahoma Panhandle area by promoting clean, competitively-priced wind energy. The RFI will also benefit electric utilities and other load-serving entities in the Mid-South and Southeast by providing them with concrete, aggregated data about wind generators in the Panhandle Region. Furthermore, the RFI represents an opportunity for us to continue developing relationships with wind generators and load serving entities. Clean Line has already established initial agreements with many potential wind farms and held power generation seminars in several states located within the US wind corridor. We look forward to deepening this collaboration with generators.

Clean Line asks that interested generators provide a Notice of Intent to respond by July 1, 2013 and submit their final RFI response by August 5, 2013. You can access Clean Line’s RFI webpage here.