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Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Energy Report Shows Continued Decline of Wind Costs

Posted on 09/10/2013 by Louisa Kinoshi

Lazard is known for its strong understanding of financial trends in the energy industry. Last week, Lazard released a report on the levelized cost of energy from, various generation sources. 

Here are a few interesting highlights from the Lazard report, as reported on the AWEA blog:

• Wind costs continue to decline. Over the past four years, the cost of wind power has fallen by more than 50%.
• Utility-scale solar PV is a competitive source of peak energy, as compared with conventional generation, in many parts of the world.
• Alternative Energy technologies complement conventional generation technologies and their use will be increasingly prevalent for a variety of reasons, including RPS requirements and continually improving economics due to underlying improvements in technologies.

Read more on the AWEA blog. 

The Lazard report concludes that there is value in diversity of generation resources, and effective public policy dictates the need for organized resource planning in order to maximize the benefits of an integrated electric utility system for all constituencies.