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Missourians Show Support for Bringing Clean Energy to the State

Posted on 09/29/2014 by Allison Smith

In August and September, the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) held eight public hearings as part of its review of the Grain Belt Express Clean Line. The Grain Belt Express team sincerely appreciated the opportunity to hear thoughtful feedback from stakeholders.  People who testified in support of the project discussed the low-cost wind power, job opportunities and property tax revenue that the project will bring to Missouri. We thank everyone who participated in the process. Here are quotes from people who spoke in support of the Grain Belt Express Clean Line:

“I want my grandchildren to know that I did everything I could to support clean energy development. Grain Belt Express Clean Line wants to serve the public good in Missouri by bringing enough low-cost wind energy to the state to power 200,000 homes. It will be cheaper and require less government intrusion to do a little now than a whole lot that will have to be done by future generations.”

Marvin Tomlinson, Resident, Caldwell County

"This transmission line will provide significant income to counties along the route. It is similar to a pipeline in that it will fund our roads, schools and other services. This will mean a lot to our county."

Peggy McGaugh, County Clerk, Carroll County

Landowners and other community members have also shown their support by writing to their local newspapers. Mr. Dennis Neidholdt, a landowner with property along the proposed route in Missouri, said in a recent letter to the editor that the project “benefits landowners with additional income, our counties with much needed tax revenue, and our state with another option for power, then it maybe could be a win for everyone.”

Members of the environmental community are also in support of the Grain Belt Express Clean Line. Last week, the Sierra Club announced their endorsement of the project. Jim Turner, executive committee chairman of the Missouri Chapter noted “the Grain Belt project would transfer 3,500 megawatts of power from wind farms in Kansas and would help move Missouri closer to a voter-mandate that the state’s utilities generate at least 15 percent renewable energy by 2021.” A higher percentage of low-cost clean energy in Missouri’s electricity mix can provide economic development opportunities and improve air and water quality. With a converter station in Missouri, the Grain Belt Express Clean Line will deliver 500 megawatts per year—enough energy to power 200,000 Missouri homes.

Clean Line encourages a high level of public engagement and feedback as we continue to develop the project. Learn more about the Grain Belt Express Clean Line and how to bring more clean energy and jobs in Missouri by visiting, http://www.SupportCleanEnergyMissouri.com