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National Review Op-Ed: Wind Power

Posted on 07/18/2012 by Jimmy Glotfelty

Yesterday, my op-ed debunking the myths surrounding wind energy was featured in The National Review Online. The article responds to Robert Bryce’s NRO piece, “Economists Without Calculators.” I labeled Mr. Bryce’s piece as “yet another of his recycled, questionable diatribes on the wind power industry.”

Mr. Bryce and other opponents of the wind industry choose to ignore the mounting evidence in favor of wind energy and instead endlessly recycle urban legends that have long since been rebutted. Wind power has contributed 35 percent of all new generating capacity in the U.S. over the last five years. All new energy resources have taken time to ramp up from near zero, with wind power following similar early trajectories as other energy sources, such as nuclear power, have in the past.

The article debunks myths on wind energy regarding land impact and sound levels. The facts are: wind power has solidified its place as a mainstream, low-impact, safe source of energy — creating no pollution and using no fuel to operate — while providing much-needed jobs for American workers. That is how it has earned such bipartisan support to keep on growing, as part of a sensible portfolio for America’s energy needs now and in the future.

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