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Wind + Transmission = Consumer Benefits

Posted on 02/8/2013 by Louisa Kinoshi

Bloomberg analysts highlight in a recently released fact book on the clean energy industry that the U.S. power generation is rapidly shifting towards renewable energy due to the reductions in the costs of renewables. Clean Line Energy believes that adding wind energy to the power mix reduces electricity prices, helps prevent future price shocks, and makes the energy market more competitive. Across regions, wind power production costs are dropping and the savings are passed on to consumers. We have created a handout to highlight the cost-effectiveness of wind energy in the electric grid. Download our brochure to learn how:

• Wind Prices are Decreasing and are Especially Low in the Wind Belt
• Wind Power Helps Stabilize Consumers’ Electricity Prices
• Adding Wind Power to the Grid Makes the Energy Market More Competitive
• Higher Capacity Factor Wind is Competitive with Other Sources of New Generation
• Dispersing the Geographic Locations of Wind Farms Reduces the Variability of their Total Energy Output