Whoa! Learn: Electricity

Electricity can seem like a big mystery. We can’t see it, we can’t smell it and we can’t touch it. It is very hard to tell whether or not it exists! There are many cool and interesting things to learn about electricity, and you can download some of the resources below to get started on learning about the force that powers our homes, schools, and communities.

Clean Line Energy Resource Electricity Basics

Before we can understand electricity, we need to learn about atoms. Do you know what an atom is? You can learn all about atoms, and how parts of atoms move to make electricity, with this printable booklet!

Your turn!

Think you know all there is to know about electricity now that you have read through the booklets on this page? Test your knowledge with these fun quizzes and games to see if you are really the electricity master!

Clean Line Energy Resource Activity 1: Parts of an atom

Do you know the parts of an atom? Print out this sheet to test your knowledge.

Clean Line Energy Resource Activity 2: Electricity and magnets

How well do you know electricity and magnets? Print out this sheet to test your knowledge.

Clean Line Energy ResourceActivity 3: Magnetism

When do magnets repel (push each other away), and when do they attract each other? See if you remember learning about magnets with this fun printable activity sheet!