Whoa! Learn: Transmission

Transmission is how we get power from the place where it is made into our homes, schools, and communities. The energy used to power your computer is probably created many, many miles away! How does electricity get from where it is made to the things that use it, like light bulbs, computers and televisions?

Transmission lines

Read the information and click on the images below to learn all about how electricity is transmitted across the United States.

Clean Line Energy Transmission Line Transporting Electricity

When electricity is created, it travels all over the country on something called the electric grid. The transmission lines used to carry electricity are made of much more than a wire. Click here to print out this sheet and learn all the parts of a transmission line.

Clean Line Energy Transmission Line Your turn! Transmission Line Activity

Think you can name all the different parts of a transmission structure? Test yourself by printing out this sheet and naming the parts of a transmission structure.

Clean Line Energy Transmission Line Your turn! Transmission Word Find

Put your knowledge to use and find key terms about transmission in this word find puzzle!


What is high voltage direct current (HVDC)?

There are two kinds of power lines. Each uses a different kind of current, or flow of electricity: alternating current and direct current. Alternating current is a current that moves back and forth. Direct current just moves in one direction. Power lines with direct current are the best kind for carrying a lot of power over long distance. So, if you want to move electricity from a place where it is really windy to areas that are far away where there is no wind, direct current transmission lines are the way to go!